Payouts and the Britehoods Wallet 

The Britehoods Wallet is where funds from your store sales, Shareables, store credits, refunds, rewards, and gift cards appear. 

Payouts from all sales and rentals are automatically added to the Seller’s Wallet 3 calendar days after the order is deemed complete. This is to ensure that enough time is available for everyone involved to bring up any issues that may affect the payout. 

An order from a Creator, Refillery and Brand is deemed complete when the seller or the driver marks it delivered / picked up. 

A Shareables order is marked complete after the item’s owner marks it received.  

Britehoods Wallet 
Once there are funds in the Britehoods Wallet, you can use them to:
Shop for anything on Britehoods 
- Contribute to various local, national and international projects and organizations focussed on environmental sustainability 
Tip anyone within the Britehoods community who has served you well
Send a Britehoods Gift Card to a friend 
Withdraw funds
- Add more funds to your Wallet

When you Shop on the Britehoods app, funds in your Britehoods Wallet are automatically applied towards your purchases first. Remaining amount, if any, is charged to the credit card on file. 

For example, if you have $25 in your Britehoods Wallet and you are purchasing items worth $50, the $25 will be used up and $25 will be charged to your credit card for the purchase. 

No card no card fee! 
The card payment fee (part of the Britehoods fee schedule for sellers) does not apply to orders that are paid via funds already in the Britehoods Wallet. This encourages the Britehoods community to do business with each other, without a critical portion of the money going to financial institutions. 

To receive and share these benefits within our community, users can add funds into their Britehoods Wallet via ACH, Wire Transfer or another no/low fee electronic money transfer services. Please message us via the app (Account > Messages > Britehoods Support) or email us at with your preferred method and we will send you the details. Note: Net funds added to your Britehoods Wallet will be after any fees incurred to receive the funds. 

You can send funds in your Britehoods Wallet to local, national and international causes involved in meaningful work in environmental sustainability

Simply select a project, enter the amount and send. If you enter an amount greater than the funds available in your Wallet, your credit card will be charged for the additional funds. If you don't have a credit card on file, you will be prompted to enter one. 

Projects can be filtered by local, national and international. 

Britehoods will retain 10% of all proceeds to pay for administrative and processing costs. 

Funds will be disbursed to the organizations at the end of each quarter. 

An email confirming your Contribution will be sent to you with details. In case your Contribution is to a non-profit, the email will include their Federal Tax ID number. You can use it for tax purposes. 

We appreciate your generosity in advance! 

You can suggest a cause to be included in the list of contribution recipients by messaging or emailing Britehoods Support at with details, including: Project name, description, geographic area, website, email address, legal status, and Fed tax ID number. 

If you had a great experience with an order on Britehoods, then we’d encourage you to send the Creator / Refillery / Brand and/or the Delivery Driver a tip

Simply enter the amount and press Send. Then please send a quick message to Britehoods Support (Account > Messages) indicating who all the tip is meant for, and we’ll make sure it gets to them. 

If you enter an amount greater than the funds available in your Wallet, your credit card will be charged for the additional funds. If you don't have a credit card on file, you will be prompted to enter one.

The ability to select specific people who have served you and send them a tip is coming soon. Thank you for your kind consideration to support sustainability! 

Send a Gift Card
Give a Gift Card of sustainability to your friends and family!

An email will be sent notifying the recipient, and the amount will be available in their Britehoods Wallet when they create an account using the email address you enter.

If the amount you enter is more than the funds in the Wallet, your credit card will be automatically charged. If you don’t have a credit card on file, you will be asked to enter one. 

To withdraw funds, select payment service (Paypal or Venmo), enter amount and tap Send.

There must be over $25 in your Britehoods Wallet to initiate a withdrawal. 

Funds may take 2-3 business days to reach your account. No service fee will be charged.

More ways of withdrawing money, including ACH, are coming soon. 

For specific questions you cannot find answers to in these Guides, please message us: Account > Messages > Britehoods Support, or email us at: