Shopify integration 

Britehoods offers a simple and effective way to sync your existing Shopify store with your Britehoods store. This enables: 

1. All products and their details, including images, from your Shopify store will get set up into your Britehoods store within seconds. Thereafter, all changes you make on your products, including adding and deleting, on Shopify will synchronize with the products on Britehoods every 15 minutes. Please do NOT make any changes on your Shopify products on Britehoods - those changes will NOT sync back into Shopify. 

2. All orders placed on Britehoods and their details go back to your Shopify as orders, tagged as 'Britehoods' - so they are easily identifiable. 

3. Payouts (after Britehoods and credit card fee) from your orders are added to your Britehoods Wallet.   

Follow the steps below to connect your Shopify store to Britehoods: 

On the Britehoods app:

1. During setup of your account, in the Select roles screen choose Brands

2. On the next screen choose Yes for the question, ‘Do you currently sell online?’. Then select ‘Shopify’ and then tap Next

3. Follow the instructions below to find and enter the Shopify site URL name and the Access token number, and tap Next. If the information you have entered is valid, then within seconds products from your Shopify will appear. 

4. Select the products you’d like to populate into your Britehoods store, assign categories and tap Next. 

On Shopify: 

Get the Shopify site name and access token code:

1. Log in to your Shopify account

2. From the bottom left, go to Settings

3. Go to Domains. Find the last one in the list of domains and copy the text before So, if it was, then copy what's in place of x-y-z and paste it in the Shopify site name field above on the Britehoods app.

4. Then go to Apps and Sales Channels from the left. 

5. Click on Develop Apps on the top right. 

6. Click on Create an app

7. Enter 'Britehoods' and save

8. Go to Configuration > Admin API integration > Configure 

9. In Admin API access scopes, give permissions (turn on the check boxes) to the following:
- read_inventory (sync your inventory with Britehoods)
- read_order_edits (allows Britehoods to check edits to orders placed)
- write_orders (allows Britehoods to create new orders)
- read_orders (allows Britehoods to check orders placed. It does not give Britehoods access to your orders)
- read_product_feeds (allows Britehoods to import product information)
- read_products (allows Britehoods to import products)
- read_shipping (provides Britehoods your shipping information)

10. Go to API credentials Tab

11. Click on Install app

12. In the Admin API access token area, click on Reveal token once. Copy and enter the access token into the Britehoods app (you can text the code to yourself to make it easy to switch from desktop to mobile device). 

If you have already set up your account without setting up the Shopify integration, or would like our assistance in setting up your Shopify integration, please do all the steps above on Shopify, and then message us (Account > Messages > Britehoods Support) or email us ( with your Shopify site URL name and the Admin API access token number. We’ll then set it up and get back to you.

For specific questions you cannot find answers to in these Guides, please message us: Account > Messages > Britehoods Support, or email us at: