Setup: Products

Applies to: Creators, Sharers, Refilleries, Brands 

As a Creator, Refillery and Brand, you can set up an unlimited number of products on Britehoods. Each product can have unlimited Images, Variants and Ingredients

The Britehoods platform includes a sophisticated Inventory Management System that is especially designed for circular businesses - where packaging or other materials get returned for reuse/refill

For Sellers that have products of this nature, we recommend Britehoods certified Reusables from various approved sellers you can find in the shopping section of this app, Britehoods will ship to you, via USPS, Britehoods Tags - 1.5 inch round adhesive stickers, each with a unique name and a Tag ID#. The Tags have an extremely strong adhesive, and are made with a material that is dishwasher and weather proof. You can order as many additional Britehoods Tags - they are pretty cheap for what they do. 

Products on Britehoods have certain unique characteristics that enable local and circular businesses to be the best at what they do. These include:

- Lead time: For made to order items that required some extra time to prepare. 

- Subscriptions: Built in to enable customers to set it and forget it. 

Special prices: For fixed date ranges that you can set. 

- Minimum quantity per order: Enables you to maximize production and profits. 

- Volume discounts: Brings greater efficiency and improved margins. 

- Set future availability: Enables pre-sales and greater visibility on volume. 

- Product attributes: Such as ‘Locally produced’, ‘Organic’ - enable greater visibility. 

- Distance traveled: Enables customers to sense their carbon footprint. 

- Product dimensions: Optimize shipping and associated fees. 

- Wholesale: Will be visible to Shops/venues, Refilleries, Outlets and other wholesale buyers. 

- Inventory management: Use Britehoods as a powerful yet easy to use inventory management system. 

- Container type: Enabling you to define the use of reusable/refillable containers. 

And more. 

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