Operations: Preparing orders

Applies to: Creators, Sharers, Refilleries, Brands 

The Prepare functionality in the Britehoods App enables you to accurately assemble customers’ orders and prepare them for delivery, shipment or pick up. It also serves the purpose of establishing exactly which reusable containers are going to which customer. This enables those customers to see in their accounts which containers are with them, when they are due to be returned, and access product information, including expiration dates. 

The Prepare functionality also prevents errors by notifying the operator when the wrong product is being assembled. 

1. Select the date of delivery / pickup of the orders, and the list of all orders will appear. Tap into an order you want to prepare. 

2. Scan the Britehoods Tag on a product (if it has one) in the order, and add it to the bag/box for that customer. If the product being scanned is not on the order, the screen will show an error - preventing customers from receiving items they did not order. This is predicated upon accuracy in the Commission and Filling processes. 

If the order has a product that does not or cannot have a Britehoods Tag, then you can add it to the bag/box and mark it manually. 

You can send a message to the customer directly from this screen by tapping the chat icon at the bottom right. We recommend messaging the customer in situations such as:  
- If an item they order is unavailable for any reason
- If you are substituting an item 
- If an item is compromised in some way, but still ok to consume 

Functionality for issuing refunds to your customers is coming soon. Meanwhile, please message Britehoods Support with refunds to be issued, and we will take care of it. 

3. When all the items in an order are marked added to the bag/box, the Order is automatically marked complete. You can reopen a completed order and make edits. 

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