Setup: Pickup locations 

Applies to: Creators, Sharers, Refilleries, Brands 

You can set as many Pickup locations for your store as you like. For each Pickup location, you can set:

- Day(s) of the week pickups will be available 

- Separate time windows for each available day 

- Address of the location 

- Name of the location 

- Cutoff/lead days and time: This is the day and time by which customers must place orders for each location - giving you time to prepare the order. Cutoff/Lead Day is the number of days prior to delivery (for example, to set up 5pm the day before deliveries as the cutoff, select Cutoff/Lead Day to be 1 and Cutoff/Lead Time to be 17:00).

Instant Pickup
If you have products that are always ready, and fixed hours you are available for customers to do a pickup - Instant Pickup would be a good choice for you. This enables the customer to come to the Pickup location at any time within the open days and hours you select for that location. 

Pickup only sellers’ products will be visible to customers in a 10 mile radius

It is your responsibility to ensure that Orders are at the Pickup location by the start of the time window for each available day. 

When Orders arrive at the location, go to Operations > Pickups, select the date and set the orders for the Pickup location to Ready for pickup. A notification will be sent to all the customers for that location for that date, letting them know that their Orders are ready for pickup - serving as a reminder in case they forget. 

If for some reason Orders are not available for Pickup by the time window, you must message affected customers about the delay. You can do that by going to Operations > Pickups, then tap into each affected Order > Message customer. You can copy a common message text and send it to each customer one by one. 

When the Order has been picked up, move the slider for it to Picked up. The Order will be deemed completed 3 days after that (to allow for any customer support issues to be sorted out). At that point, the Payout for the Order (after the Britehoods fee) will be debited to your Britehoods Wallet

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