Britehoods measure the positive environmental and financial impact created by all its users in real time, including sellers and customers. 

This impact is calculated, published and accrued in real-time across 5 dimensions: 


Pieces of plastic trash prevented
The number of pieces of plastic waste prevented through reusable items scanned or delivered.

Miles of shipping prevented
For each product or service purchased / scanned, the approximate distance a non-sustainably produced / non-local option would have traveled is computed and aggregated.

Amount of metal saved  
Mining, smelting and recycling of metals like aluminum, iron, copper and others, are environmentally intensive processes. When products and services on Britehoods prevent the use of metals, that positive environmental impact will be reflected here. 

Number of trees saved
This represents the approximate number of trees saved when paper-based packaging is reused or avoided, or paper-based items such as books are shared on Shareables


Money saved 
Sustainable and/or reusable products and services often save money. When this is the case, these savings over each use/reuse are reflected.

When a reusable cup is used for a beverage instead of a paper cup, 1/2500 of a tree is saved, and the shop saves money compared to purchasing a single-use cup. 

When a book is shared on Britehoods Shareables, 1/250 of a tree is saved, and the price of that book new is reflected.

A home soda maker 60L CO2 cylinder prevents the use of 150 aluminum cans, which weigh around 3 lbs. 

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