The Britehoods’ fee is a small percentage of all transactions that take place on the app: 

Shareables: 5%

Creators: 5%

Refilleries: 5%

Brands: 5%

The above fee is waived perpetually on all orders placed for your products by new customers you invite to Britehoods. Share the Referral Code available in every account with customers you invite to Britehoods. If they enter the referral code when signing up, all orders placed by them for your products will have 0% fee.  

The fees includes:
- All features of the Britehoods technology platform (if purchased or subscribed to separately from different vendors would cost hundreds of dollars a month). 
- Access to the growing Britehoods community of consumers, stores, and wholesale purchasers, including Creators and Refilleries.
- Britehoods Shareables Tags shipped to all sharers for tracking their rentals.
- Britehoods Reusables Tags to all purchasers of Reusables to track their use.
- 24/7 seller & customer support via messages on the Britehoods app.
- Social media marketing/collaborations.
- Sales tax handling.
And more. 

Card payments fee
In addition to the above Britehoods fee, the 2.9% fee we are charged for credit and debit cards transactions, is taken from the seller payout and passed on to our payment processor Stripe.  

No card, no card fee! 
The card payment fee does not apply to orders that are paid via funds already in the Britehoods Wallet. This encourages the Britehoods community to do business with each other, without a critical portion of the money going to financial institutions. 

For orders that use a fraction of the funds from the Britehoods Wallet and the rest via a card, the card payment fee will apply only to the card portion of the order

Users can add funds to their Britehoods Wallets without using a card by follow the instructions on the guide related to Britehoods Wallet

The Britehoods fee is flexible  
Each participant in the Britehoods ecosystem is unique: Stage, scale, product types, location, legal status, for/non-profit & more. Planet > People > Profit: this is our sequence of priorities, and commensurate with that, the Britehoods fee is adjustable to fit each situation. Please message us via the app (Account > Messages > Britehoods Support), or at, & we’ll be happy to work with you. 

In comparison 
The Britehoods fee structure is one of the lowest compared to most other marketplaces, including auction sites, home sharing, rental sites, ride sharing, delivery services, ecommerce, affiliate programs, etc., and ROIs from most advertising programs. 

For specific questions you cannot find answers to in these Guides, please message us: Account > Messages > Britehoods Support, or email us at: