Setup: Delivery areas 

Applies to: Creators, Sharers, Refilleries, Brands 

Britehoods enables you to set up multiple local delivery areas, called Zones

Each Zone is defined by:
- A unique name

- A set of ZIP codes, OR a radius around your location NOTE: After you pick one - by ZIP or Radius, you will not be able to change this on your own - to prevent disruption of existing deliveries. Please reach out to Britehoods Support. 

Search by City: Select the right city. Search by ZIP: Select an individual ZIP code, or all the ZIPs in the range. Repeat as necessary. 

- A set of delivery fee Tiers based on order value 

- Cutoff/lead days and time: This is the day and time by which customers must place orders for each location - giving you time to prepare the order. Cutoff/Lead Day is the number of days prior to delivery (for example, to set up 5pm the day before deliveries as the cutoff, select Cutoff/Lead Day to be 1 and Cutoff/Lead Time to be 17:00).

Customers will be able to see your products only if their delivery address is within a Zone you have defined. 

Pickup only sellers’ products will be visible to customers in a 10 mile radius. 

As customers add items to cart from your store for an Order, the Delivery Fee will dynamically change based on the Zone their address is in, and the Tier within which their total Order value is. 

You can reconfigure Zones whenever you want. All Orders already placed from the prior configuration will remain unchanged and will need to be fulfilled. To prevent confusion among your customers, Zone reconfigurations should be done in a thoughtful, deliberate manner, and only when you really need to. 

To set up your routes for a specific delivery day, you will assign combinations of Zones to a set of vehicles, each of which will then be allocated to specific drivers. This is done in the Operations > Delivery menu. Please read the related Guides for instructions. 

For specific questions you cannot find answers to in these Guides, please message us: Account > Messages > Britehoods Support, or email us at: