Logistics: Deliveries 

Applies to: Creators, Sharers, Refilleries, Brands 

Britehoods makes it easy and efficient to make deliveries to your customers with a sophisticated set of delivery and routing features available at no additional cost - saving you time, money on fuel and paying for expensive routing and driver management software tools. 

1. From your account, first set the Drivers and Vehicles available to you.   

2. Select the date of delivery, and all the deliveries to be made that day appear, with the collective and individual status of each order - Paid, Packed, Out for delivery or Delivered. You can go into each delivery to get more details. 

3. Select one or more Zones, and the number of Vehicles you’d like to send into those Zones. Then press Create route - and the app will present optimized routes for all the selected Zones, and within each Vehicle’s Route.

4. Now you simply assign each Route to the Vehicle + Driver of your choice. These routes will separately pop up into each Drivers’ Britehoods app - setting them up to hit the road to make deliveries

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