Britehoods enables neighbors to buy, sell, serve, and help each other with their creations, services and skills, easily and conveniently. 

Creators: From using your skills to earn a few extra bucks serving your local community, to generating supplemental income from a side-hustle, to empowering your existing local business with technology and new customers - Britehoods has everything you need, while helping build relationships, and enriching local communities. 

Customers: From enjoying amazing cookies from a neighbor baked using grandma’s secret recipe, to getting fresh produce from an urban farm, using soap made by a chemical engineer who lives a block away, to getting your lawn mowed by a teenager down the road - Britehoods helps you save money, support your neighbors, and do your part in making the world a better place. 

Startup costs: Zero. 
Monthly fee: Zero. 

Please visit specific Guides for details on each section and its functionality. 

1. Get started
Select Creator as a role when you sign up. If you have already signed up, you can go to Account > Select roles

2. Set up your store 
The app will walk you through setting up various aspects of your store, and how you will serve your customers. This includes setting up delivery zones, pickup locations, shipping preferences, dates you are unavailable and more. 

3. Add products 
You can then add products / services to your stores. Britehoods has powerful features custom built for local Creators, including: Adding images, lead times, subscriptions, special prices, volume discounts, setting future availability, product attributes, ingredients lists, inventory management and more. 

You can also create wholesale products for other sellers to sell to their customers, or use in their products. For example, Susan’s Cookies can sell her cookies in wholesale to: 

- Other Creators (such as someone using those cookies in their ice cream); 

- Refilleries for refilling into jars and selling to their delivery zone, preventing wasteful packaging and duplicative delivery/shipping routes; 

- Coffee shops in reusable jars for retail sale to its in-store patrons, and so on. 

Wholesale products are available only to accounts that have a seller role turned on. 

4. Operations 
The Operations section of your Seller dashboard is where you can set up drivers, vehicles, find your orders and prepare them. 

Britehoods also features sophisticated functionalities to power a zero-waste operation: Enabling a Creator using reusable/refillable containers to commission, fill/refill and log them when they get returned, automatically charge customers for non-return and more - laying the foundation of the zero-waste economy of the future. 

5. Logistics 
Britehoods provides everything you need to help you make sure your products and services reach your customers in an efficient and joyful manner. Create and manage automatically optimized delivery routes, assigning drivers and vehicles, informing pickup customers that their orders are ready, organizing your shipping orders, communicating with customers if there are issues, and more - Britehoods gives you all of these sophisticated technologies and functionality in 1 app - for no monthly fee, in an easy to use mobile interface. 

6. Share & tell 
While Britehoods promotes you and your products in the areas you serve, nothing beats you spreading the word. Social media, local listservs, putting up posters and flyers in public places, yard signs are some good ideas for letting people in your area know about your business. 

If there are things you are good at, or like to do, have some time available, are inclined to earn, and want to help and engage with your neighbors, being a Britehoods Creator is just for you. Here are just a few types of products/services you can offer as a Britehoods Creator: 

IMPORTANT: If you are a food related Creator, your operation and products must comply with the food laws in your area. In many states there are cottage food laws with special provisions for home based food businesses. Britehoods is not responsible for each seller and product’s legal compliance. If you see a listing on the app that’s in violation of the rules, please message Britehoods Support (Account > Messages).  

Bakers, chefs and other culinary wizards 
If you are great at cooking or baking, being a Britehoods Creator will enable you to earn money and serve your neighborhood and beyond. Again, please be sure to check with your local laws. In most jurisdictions, if the food requires refrigeration - you may need to prepare out of a commercial kitchen. Dust off grandma’s recipes, and let’s get started. 
Britehoods is the perfect platform for existing meal prep services and bakeries - bringing them much needed technology, and a growing community of customers. 

From woodwork to craft beverages - your superpower can now see the light of day, or go to the next level on Britehoods. From items you can make a lot of, to one off items, to custom jobs - Britehoods is the place for it all. Britehoods gives you state of the art technology tools to create and run your business, while also bringing you customers from the growing Britehoods community. 

Child Creators 
Some kids have strong entrepreneurial instincts - and their own neighborhood is the best place to give them wings, via Britehoods. Crafts, renting items (through Britehoods Shareables), teaching younger kids, giving music performances at gatherings, pet-sitting, dog-walking, babysitting, yardwork, tech support, eldercare, and a lot more - there are so many ways in which children can earn and learn while engaging with people in the neighborhood.  

Parents/guardians must supervise their children through every stage - from the creation of their stores, to monitoring their activities and who they interact with. Britehoods is not responsible for any untoward incidents related to children. Please check your local, state and federal laws before proceeding. 

Sometimes people just need a little bit of help or advice - accounting, legal, taxation, and the like. Often just a quick guidance from someone down the road is all that is needed. If you are a current or retired expert or a professional in such an area, you can offer your services, helping out your neighbors, while earning a supplemental income. 

Service providers  
What are things you are really good at that neighbors can reach out to you for - that don’t necessarily require expensive professional services? Gardening, landscaping, plumbing, pet-sitting, computers, sewing, repairs, technology, electronics, assembling things, light moving, home/office organizing and whatnot? 

Or maybe you have a truck sitting idle in your garage most of the time, that you can use to help the senior citizen down the road get a mattress moved from another neighbor’s house into hers? 
Britehoods enables you to be your neighborhood’s go-to person for your specific skills and resources - get to know your neighbors, help them, earn some money. 

NOTE: For work that requires professional credentials, please be sure to offer your services only if you have those certifications. We recommend uploading images of those certificates as images on your product/service listing. Customers should, likewise, check for certifications and credentials as appropriate before accepting help. Britehoods does not certify any providers, and is not responsible for any damages or problems that may result from the work of a seller on the app. 

Teachers / coaches / instructors / tutors 
Good at playing an instrument that you’d love to teach someone in your neighborhood in your spare time? A sport, a craft, a skill, or an academic subject you are an expert in and can help others with? Britehoods makes it easy for your service to be discovered, booked, and delivered - helping you earn some money, and make new friends in the neighborhood. 

Most gatherings of people can be made more lively by a performance. It’s entertainment for the guests, good money and practice for the performers. Most such opportunities simply don’t materialize - because of a lack of a place for it to come together. Britehoods is that place. Live music, dance, theater, magic or art performances - if you have a skill in any of these areas, offer your neighbors your service and let the applause begin! 

Carpooling If you commute/drive to a specific area regularly at the same time, why not take a neighbor with you - karaoke optional! Simply post the details, and message each other to coordinate. 

If you have ideas on being a Creator on Britehoods - we welcome you to explore. Please message us: Account > Message > Britehoods Support with any ideas you’d like to run by us. 

Starting or growing a business selling within your neighborhood offers benefits such as community support, reduced costs, flexibility, a smaller environmental footprint, niche market focus, networking opportunities, and valuable feedback. It provides a solid foundation for growth and success while fostering a sense of community and work-life balance.

Britehoods is not liable or responsible for the experience of sellers and customers on the app - it is simply a place for them to discover each other. 

Ordering from Creators on Britehoods is as simple as Add the item to Cart, choosing your delivery/pickup options and checking out. 

Products/services from Creators will appear in the shopping/search areas of the app for anyone whose address is within the geographical areas defined by the seller. Pickup only items will be visible in a 10 mile radius around your location. 

Yes, you can be both a Creator and a Customer

For specific questions you cannot find answers to in these Guides, please message us: Account > Messages > Britehoods Support, or email us at: