Operations: Commissioning reusables

Applies to: Creators, Refilleries, Brands 

Commission is where you onboard new reusable containers into the Britehoods ecosystem. The quick and easy commissioning process associates a container with a Britehoods Tag ID and the seller account that is commissioning the container. This contributes to the foundation of the reuse ecosystem, while tracing and managing the flow of containers and their monetary value. 

Britehoods Tags are 1.5 inch round adhesive stickers, each with a unique name and a Tag ID#. The Tags have an extremely strong adhesive, and are made with a material that is dishwasher and weather proof. 

Here’s how Commissioning works:  

1. All purchasers of Reusables (including Creators, Refilleries, Outlets and Establishments) through Britehoods will receive FREE, via USPS, as many Britehoods Tags as the number of units of Reusables they order, plus some spares. 

You can order additional Tags via the Reusables store on the Britehoods app. 

Britehoods Tags can be used on reusable containers you procure elsewhere and commissioned into the Britehoods ecosystem. If you intend to do that, please message Britehoods Support and let us know details about the container (short description, size/volume), and we will add them to the container type in your account. 

2. Stick the Tags on the reusable containers, at a spot where the Tag is prominently visible and easily scannable. 

For two-part Reusables, we recommend putting Tags on only 1 part: For food containers, on the lid (so they are easily visible), and for beverage cups, on the cup. 

3. Go to the Operations -> Commission screen on the Britehoods App, select the type of container you are commissioning, and start scanning the Tags on those containers. You can rapidly batch scan up to 50 Tags and save them into the system in one go.  

Commissioning is a one time process for each new container. This process should be repeated only if a Tag gets damaged and needs to be replaced.  

Many sellers of Reusables may ship Reusables with Britehoods Tags affixed on them already. For example, Takebacks Cups

Manufacturers of reusable containers can procure Britehoods Tags and use their underlying technologies for their products at no additional cost. Please reach out to us by sending a message via the Britehoods app, or writing to us at 

For specific questions you cannot find answers to in these Guides, please message us: Account > Messages > Britehoods Support, or email us at: