Roles: Brands 

Established brands with environmentally sustainable products and services - local, national and international - can participate in the Britehoods marketplace.

‘Sustainable’ and similar words referring to products and services being environmentally friendly are increasingly being used by brands, albeit without an objective measurement of their impact. This is a difficult task because of a myriad of factors, including complex supply chains, lack of data transparency, physical variability, lifecycle unpredictability, lack of standardization, data gaps, resource availability and more. The result is a lack of a trustworthy barometer for customers to reliably make environmentally sustainable purchasing decisions. 

Britehoods aims to address through its evolving framework for the measurement of environmental impact for every product across various metrics, based on benchmarks from the EPA, EU and other organizations explained in detail here

Then, Britehoods diligently records various metrics for each product in the marketplace. The result is a live report of the environmental impact for each product, their seller, customers who purchase them, geography and more. 

Targeted Audience
Britehoods attracts a dedicated community of environmentally conscious consumers actively seeking sustainable alternatives. By joining Britehoods as a brand, you gain access to a highly targeted audience eager to support brands that align with their values. 

Collaborative Network
Britehoods fosters a collaborative network of like-minded brands within the larger sustainability community, creating opportunities for partnerships. For example, your products may be picked up by local Creators and Refilleries to sell locally. Together, we can accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future.

Amplified Impact
By joining Britehoods, you amplify your brand's positive impact on the environment over the long term. Showcase your sustainable practices, products, and initiatives to a wider audience, inspiring others to make conscious choices. Your participation in our marketplace contributes to the collective effort of creating a greener, healthier planet for future generations.

Credibility and Trust
Britehoods is building / partnering with organizations that have rigorous sustainability verification processes, ensuring that only genuinely sustainable brands are available in the marketplace. By joining in, you align your brand with the highest standards of environmental responsibility. Gain credibility and trust among consumers who are increasingly conscious of the impact their purchases have on the planet.

Streamlined Operations
Britehoods's user-friendly platform and integrations simplifies the process of listing and selling your sustainable products and services. 

Startup costs: Zero. 
Monthly fee: Zero. 

Please visit specific Guides for details on each section and its functionality. 

1. Get started
Select Brands as a role when you sign up. If you have already signed up, you can go to Account > Select roles and turn on Brands as a role. 

2. Set up your store The app will walk you through setting up various aspects of your store, and how you will serve your customers. This includes setting up delivery zones, pickup locations, shipping preferences, dates you are unavailable and more. 

Shopify stores: If you are already on Shopify, Britehoods can live sync with your Shopify store within minutes. Simply follow the instructions here

Once you have integrated with Shopify - you will not need to access your Britehoods store again. All product and store changes you make on Shopify will sync with Britehoods, and all orders placed on Britehoods will be sent to your Shopify automatically. 

To automate your revenue payouts please send your ACH information to and we will set up bi-monthly transfers of your payouts. 

3. Add products 
Applies only to Brands that have not integrated with Shopify. 
 If you are on an ecommerce platform other than Shopify, you can send us your product list (and other relevant details about your operations), and we will be happy to upload them en masse to your Britehoods store and set it up for you. Please export your product list from your current system and email it to - and we will get right on it. 

Britehoods has powerful features custom built for local Brands to create products and services customers will love, including: Adding images, lead times, subscriptions, special prices, volume discounts, setting future availability, product attributes, ingredients lists, inventory management and more. 

If you already have or expect to have wholesale suppliers not on Britehoods yet, you can invite them to Britehoods as Creators or Brands and send them your Referral code. They can quickly set up their stores and products, marking them as ‘Wholesale’ - making them visible to you (you must be in their delivery/pickup/shipping areas).  

All transactions between you and the Creators (and consumers) you invite will incur no Britehoods fee forever if they use your Referral code at sign up. Learn more about this on the Fee and the Wallet guides. 

Wholesale products are available only to accounts that have a seller role turned on. 

4. Operations 
Applies only to Brands that have not integrated with Shopify

The Operations section of your Seller dashboard is where you can set up drivers, vehicles, find your orders, prepare them and deliver or ship them. 

5. Logistics 
Applies only to Brands that have not integrated with Shopify

Britehoods provides everything you need to help you make sure your products and services reach your customers in an efficient and joyful manner. Create and manage automatically optimized delivery routes, assigning drivers and vehicles, informing pickup customers that their orders are ready, organizing your shipping orders, communicating with customers if there are issues, and more - Britehoods gives you all of these sophisticated technologies and functionality in 1 app - for no monthly fee, in an easy to use mobile interface. 

6. Share & tell 
While Britehoods promotes you and your products in the areas you serve, nothing beats you spreading the word. Social media, local listservs, putting up posters and flyers in public places, yard signs are some good ideas for letting people in your area know about your business. 

No fee applies for your customers: The Britehoods fee for all orders placed forever by all new customers who use your Referral Code to join Britehoods will be Zero. Learn more on the Fees guide

Ordering from Brands on Britehoods is as simple as Add the item to Cart, choosing your delivery/pickup options and checking out. 

Products/services from Brands will appear in the shopping/search areas of the app for anyone whose address is within the geographical areas defined by the seller. Pickup only items will be visible in a 10 mile radius around your location.

For specific questions you cannot find answers to in these Guides, please message us: Account > Messages > Britehoods Support, or email us at: