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Girl Scout Troop 70068's Library

1.09 mi

Maureen Cura #44850 Ashburn VA

1.25 mi

Summerwood Pool Little Free Library

1.25 mi

Nagele's Little Library

1.31 mi

Megan Helge

1.37 mi

Bridget and Mackenzie Troop 6548

1.38 mi

Farmwell Hunt

1.59 mi

Austin Franco - Eagle Scout Project

1.76 mi

Austin Franco - Eagle Scout Project

1.81 mi

Arbors Broadlands

1.86 mi

Rent, borrow, giveaway with people around you

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Takebacks - Lids only

$48.00 ( $0.32/ct.)

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Free Takebacks trial kit

$0.00 ( $0.00/ct.)

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Takebacks Cups and Lids

$375.00 ( $2.50/ct.)

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Nut Milk Bag

$13.18 ( $13.18/ct.)


Product that reduce waste and help the planet

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WYRD RYDS - E Scooter/E Bike Sales and Service

0.2 mi

Hope's Treasures Ashburn

0.23 mi

AES Cub Scout Botanic Garden

0.74 mi

Creative Gardens

1.01 mi

Little Flower Consignments

1.57 mi

Modern Mechanical

2.27 mi

One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Northern Virginia

2.28 mi

Film Source

2.43 mi

Ridgeline Roofers

2.78 mi

Door of Hope USA

2.82 mi

zero-waste stores and delivery businesses

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Golden Hill Farms

22.89 mi

Hillwood Estate

24.56 mi

Koiner Urban Farm

25.43 mi

Specialty Crop Farm Bill Alliance

26.03 mi

Laurel Academy Farm

26.04 mi


26.35 mi

Knowledge Farms

26.56 mi


26.57 mi

Common Good City Farm

26.9 mi

Little Wild Things City Farm

27.47 mi

Farms that are local

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Britehoods' Impact


pieces of plastic trash prevented


miles of shipping prevented


trees saved




Kgs of metal saved


Join conversations on sustainability and climate change

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